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Research Area

  • ​Soft Robotics

  • Bio-inspired and Biomimetic Robotics

  • Smart Materials

  • Flexible Electronics

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SR-Huichan Zhao2
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SR-Huichan Zhao1
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Artificial Muscle

Soft Pocket Pump for Multi-Medium Transportation via an Active Tubular Diaphragm
High-speed rotary motor for multi-domain operations driven by resonant dielectric elastomer actuators
A pipeline inspection robot for navigating tubular environments in the sub-centimeter scale
Long-Life-Cycle and Damage-Recovery Artificial Muscles via Controllable and Observable Self-Clearing Process
Controlled flight of a microrobot powered by soft artificial muscles

Integrated Sensing

Conformable and Compact Multiaxis Tactile Sensor for Human and Robotic Grasping via Anisotropic Waveguides

Design & Control of Soft Machines
| Manipulator & Wearables

Monolithic Soft Fibrous Valves Capable of Generating Air Pressure Cutoff, Maintaining, and Oscillation
An Anthropomorphic Musculoskeletal System with Soft Joint and Multifilament Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Active-Cooling-in-the-Loop Controller Design and Implementation for an SMA-Driven Soft Robotic Tentacle
Stretchable and Conformable Stiffness-Variable Device through Electrorheological Fluids
Control and Implementation of a Fluidic Elastomer Actuator for Active Suppression of Hand Tremor
Speeding up soft pneumatic actuators through pressure and flow dynamics modeling and optimization
Design and implementation of an underactuated gripper with enhanced shape adaptability and lateral stiffness through semi-active multi-degree-of-freedom endoskeletons
Enhancing the Universality of a Pneumatic Gripper via Continuously Adjustable Initial Grasp Postures

Design & Control of Soft Machines
| Mobile Robots

Untethered Robotic Millipede Driven by Low-Pressure Microfluidic Actuators for Multi-Terrain Exploration
An Untethered Crawling Robot via Soft-Rigid Coupled Linear Actuators
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