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Research Gallery

Research Area

  • ​Soft Robotics

  • Bio-inspired and Biomimetic Robotics

  • Smart Materials

  • Flexible Electronics

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SR-Huichan Zhao2
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SR-Huichan Zhao1
AFM-Huichan Zhao 00_00_16-00_00_24
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Research Videos

Soft Pocket Pump for Multi-Medium Transportation via an Active Tubular Diaphragm
High-speed rotary motor for multi-domain operations driven by resonant dielectric elastomer actuators
Active-Cooling-in-the-Loop Controller Design and Implementation for an SMA-Driven Soft Robotic Tentacle
Stretchable and Conformable Stiffness-Variable Device through Electrorheological Fluids
Speeding up soft pneumatic actuators through pressure and flow dynamics modeling and optimization
Untethered Robotic Millipede Driven by Low-Pressure Microfluidic Actuators for Multi-Terrain Exploration
An Anthropomorphic Musculoskeletal System with Soft Joint and Multifilament Pneumatic Artificial Muscles
Conformable and Compact Multiaxis Tactile Sensor for Human and Robotic Grasping via Anisotropic Waveguides
A pipeline inspection robot for navigating tubular environments in the sub-centimeter scale
Long-Life-Cycle and Damage-Recovery Artificial Muscles via Controllable and Observable Self-Clearing Process
Enhancing the Universality of a Pneumatic Gripper via Continuously Adjustable Initial Grasp Postures
An Untethered Crawling Robot via Soft-Rigid Coupled Linear Actuators
Controlled flight of a microrobot powered by soft artificial muscles
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