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“If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it.”

- Albert Einstein -

[1] Zhonghan Lin, Qi Shao, Boyuan Du, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Monolithic Soft Fibrous Valves Capable of Generating Air Pressure Cutoff, Maintaining, and Oscillation for Pneumatic Systems. Advanced Materials Technologies  (2024). [PDF] [video]

[2] Yafeng Cui, Wenjie Yu, Jingjing Li, Qi Shao, Ding Weng, Guoping Yin, Xiaohao Zhang, Xin-jun Liu, Jingying Ye*, Jiadao Wang*, Huichan Zhao*, An Automatic Implementation of Oropharyngeal Swab Sampling for Diagnosing Respiratory Infectious Diseases via Soft Robotic End-Effectors. Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering  37.1 (2024): 29. [PDF]

[3] Zihao Li, Zhenguo Nie, Huichan Zhao, Qi Shao, Fugui Xie, and Xin-Jun Liu, A bio-inspired deformable mouthpart device with adaptive control for negative pressure therapy on unstructured limb surfaces. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters  (2024). [

[1] Yixin Wang, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Control and Implementation of a Fluidic Elastomer Actuator for Active Suppression of Hand Tremor. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters 9.2 (2023). [PDF] [video]

[2] Yafeng Cui, Xin An, Zhonghan Lin, Zhibin Guo, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Design and Implementation of an Underactuated Gripper with Enhanced Shape Adaptability and Lateral Stiffness through Semi-Active Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Endoskeletons. International Journal of Robotics Research (2023). [PDF] [video]

[3] Boyuan Du, Chao Tang, Songwen Jiang, Yixin Wang, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, High-speed rotary motor for multi-domain operations driven by resonant dielectric elastomer actuators. Advanced Intelligent Systems (2023). [
PDF] [video]

[4] Songwen Jiang, Chao Tang, Xuguang Dong, Xin-jun Liu*, Huichan Zhao*, Soft Pocket Pump for Multi-Medium Transportation via an Active Tubular Diaphragm. Advanced Functional Materials (2023). [PDF
] [video] [Cover]
      ※ featured on the back cover of Advanced Functional Materials

[5Xin An, Yafeng Cui, Hao Sun, Qi Shao, 
Huichan Zhao*Active-Cooling-in-the-Loop Controller Design and Implementation for an SMA-Driven Soft Robotic TentacleIEEE Transactions on Robotics 39.3 (2023). [PDF] [video]

[6] Chao Tang
, Boyuan Du, Songwen Jiang, Zhong Wang, Huichan Zhao*A Review on High-frequency Dielectric Elastomer Actuators: Materials, Dynamics, and ApplicationsAdvanced Intelligent Systems (2023). [PDF]
[7] Fugui Xie, Zenghui Chong, Xin-Jun Liu*, Huichan Zhao, Jinsong WangPrecise and smooth contact force control for a hybrid mobile robot used in polishingRobotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing 83 (2023).
[8] Bin Mei, Fugui Xie*, Xin-Jun Liu*, Zenghui Xie, Huichan ZhaoA Mobile Hybrid Robot and Its Accuracy Issue in Machining of Large-Scale StructuresIEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics (2023).

[9] Xudong Yang, Yuan Zhou, Huichan Zhao, Weicheng Huang, Yifan Wang,*, K. Jimmy Hsia*, Mingchao Liu*
Morphing matter: from mechanical principles to robotic applicationsSoft Science 3.38 (2023). [PDF] [Cover]
※ featured on the cover of Soft Science
[1] Yiyi Pan, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*Stretchable and Conformable Stiffness-Variable Device through Electrorheological FluidsSoft Matter (2022). [PDF] [video[Cover]
      ※ featured on the front cover of Soft Matter

[2] Yixin Wang, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Speeding up Soft Pneumatic Actuators through Pressure and Flow Dynamics Modeling and OptimizationExtreme Mechanics Letters (2022). [PDF] [video]

[3] Chao Tang, Boyuan Du, Songwen Jiang, Qi Shao, Xuguang Dong, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, A Pipeline Inspection Robot for Navigating Tubular Environments in the Sub-centimeter ScaleScience Robotics 7.66 (2022). [PDF] [video1] [video2]

[4] Qi Shao, Xuguang Dong, Zhonghan Lin, Chao Tang, Hao Sun, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Untethered Robotic Millipede Driven by Low-Pressure Microfluidic Actuators for Multi-Terrain Exploration. IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2022). [PDF] [video]

[5] Zhonghan Lin, Qi Shao, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*An Anthropomorphic Musculoskeletal System with Soft Joint and Multifilament Pneumatic Artificial Muscles. Advanced Intelligent Systems 4.10 (2022). [PDF] [video] [News] [Cover]
※ featured on the inside cover of Advanced Intelligent Systems

[6] Jingyi Zhou, Qi Shao, Chao Tang, Fei Qiao, Tongqing Lu, Xiong Li, Xin-jun Liu*, Huichan Zhao*, Conformable and Compact Multiaxis Tactile Sensor for Human and Robotic Grasping via Anisotropic Waveguides. Advanced Materials Technologies
 (2022). [PDF] [video] [Cover]
      ※ featured on the inside back cover of Advanced Materials Technologies

[7] Xuguang Dong, Yixin Wang, Xin-jun Liu, Huichan Zhao*, Development of Modular Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Hybrid Joints and Robotic Flexible Legs via Fluidic Elastomer ActuatorsSmart Materials and Structures 31.035034 (2022). [PDF] 

[8] Hui-Kai Zhang, Jingyi Zhou, Wei Fang, Huichan Zhao, Zi-Long Zhao, Xindong Chen, Hong-Ping Zhao, Xi-Qiao Feng*Multi-functional topology optimization of Victoria cruziana veinsJournal of the Royal Society Interface 19.191 (2022). 
[9] Qian Zhang, Ruiyang Quan, Siqin Qimuge, Peimin Xia, Jiaheng Wang, Xin Zan, Fangshi Wang, Changchuan Chen, Qi Wei, Huichan Zhao, Xinjun Liu, Fei Qiao*, OCTOANTS: A Heterogeneous Lightweight Intelligent Multi-Robot Collaboration System with Resource-constrained IoT Devices. 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) Kyoto, Japan (2022). [PDF]
[10] Yuhao He, Fugui Xie, Xin-Jun Liu, Zenghui Xie, Huichan Zhao, Yi Yue, Mingwei Li, Stiffness-Performance-Based Redundant Motion Planning of a Hybrid Machining Robot. Machines 10.12 (2022).

[1] Li-Juan Yin, Yu Zhao, Jing Zhu, Minhao Yang, Huichan Zhao*, Jia-Yao Pei, Shao-Long Zhong, Zhi-Min Dang*, Soft, tough, and fast polyacrylate dielectric elastomer for non-magnetic motorNature Communications 12.4517 (2021). [PDF]

[2] Yafeng Cui, Xin-jun Liu, Xuguang Dong, Jingyi Zhou, Huichan Zhao*, Enhancing the universality of a pneumatic gripper via continuously adjustable initial grasp posturesIEEE Transactions on Robotics 37.5 (2021). [video]

[3] Xuguang Dong, Chao Tang, Songwen Jiang, Qi Shao, Huichan Zhao*, Increasing the payload and terrain adaptivity of an untethered crawling robot via soft-rigid coupled linear actuators.   IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (2021). [video]

[4] Songwen Jiang, Chao Tang, Xin-jun Liu*, Huichan Zhao*Long-Life-Cycle and Damage-Recovery Artificial Muscles via Controllable and Observable Self-Clearing Process.   Advanced Engineering Materials (2021). [PDF] [video]

[5] Amin Lotfiani, Xili Yi, Zhufeng Shao*, Huichan Zhao, A Nouri Parkestani, Analytical modeling and optimization of a corrugated soft pneumatic finger considering the performance of pinch and power graspsExtreme Mechanics Letters 4 (2021). 

[6] Junshi Zhang, Lei Liu, Yuyu Chen, Mingliang Zhu, Liling Tang, Chao Tang, Jun Shintake, Junjie Zhao, Jiankang He, Xiaoyong Ren, Pengfei Li, Qiang Huang, Huichan Zhao, Jian Lu, Dichen Li, 
Fiber-reinforced soft polymeric manipulator with smart motion scaling and stiffness tunability. Cell Reports Physical Science (2021).
[1] Huichan Zhao, Aftab Hussain, Ali Israr, Daniel Vogt, Mihai Duduta, David Clarke*, Robert Wood*, A wearable soft haptic communicator based on dielectric elastomer actuatorsSoft Robotics 7.4 (2020): 451-461.​ [PDF]

[2] Amin Lotfiani, Huichan Zhao, Zhufeng Shao*, Xili Yi, Torsional stiffness improvement of a soft pneumatic finger using embedded skeleton.   Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics 12.1 (2020): 011016.

[3] Zheyu Liu, Erxiang Ren, Fei Qiao*, Qi Wei, Xin-jun Liu, Li Luo, Huichan Zhao, Huazhong Yang, 
NS-CIM: A current-mode computation-in-memory architecture enabling near-sensor processing for intelligent IoT vision nodesIEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers (2020), 10.1109/TCSI.2020.2984161. 

[4] Zhao Gong, Songwen Jiang, Qizhi Meng, Yanlei Ye, Peng Li, Fugui Xie, Huichan Zhao, Chunzhe Lv, Xiaojie Wang, Xin-jun Liu*, 
SHUYU robot: An automatic rapid temperature screening systemChinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering 33.38 (2020).

[5] Jin Yang, Zheyu Liu, Xinzhi Sheng, Fei Qiao*, Qi Wei, Huichan Zhao, Xin-jun Liu, Gesture recognition system with aging awareness based on tactile perception. 2020 IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics-Taiwan (ICCE-Taiwan).
[1] Yufeng Chen*, Huichan Zhao, Jie Mao, Pakpong Chirarattananon, E Farrell Helbling, Nak-seung Patrick Hyun, David Clarke, Robert Wood*, Controlled flight of a microrobot powered by soft artificial musclesNature 575 (2019): 324-329. [video1] [video2]

[2] Shuo Li, Hedan Bai, Robert F Shepherd*, Huichan Zhao*, Bioinspired design and additive manufacturing of soft materials, machines, robots, and haptic interfaces.  Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58.33 (2019): 11183-11204. [PDF]

[3] Mihai Duduta*, Ehsan Hajiesmaili, Huichan Zhao, Robert J Wood, David R Clarke, Realizing the potential of dielectric elastomer artificial musclesProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116.7 (2019): 2476-2481. 

[4] Jingyi Zhou, Xiaosong Li, Jing Xu*, Yu Tian, Huichan Zhao*, Xin-Jun Liu*, 
A soft crawling robot inspired by inchworms
2019 IEEE 9th Annual International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent System (CYBER), Suzhou, China, 2019: 209-214.

[5] Tianrui Ma, Kaige Jia, Xin Zhu, Fei Qiao*
, Qi Wei, Huichan Zhao, Xin-jun Liu, Huazhong Yang, An Analog-Memoryless Near Sensor Computing Architecture for Always-On Intelligent Perception Applications2019 IEEE International Conference on Integrated Circuits, Technologies and Applications (ICTA), Chengdu, China.
[1] Huichan Zhao, Aftab Hussain, Mihai Duduta, Daniel Vogt, Robert Wood*, David Clarke*, Compact dielectric elastomer linear actuatorAdvanced Functional Materials 28.42 (2018): 1804328.
​[1] Shuo Li, Huichan Zhao, Robert Shepherd*, Flexible and stretchable sensors for fluidic elastomer actuated soft robotsMRS Bulletin 42.2 (2017): 138-142.

[2] Lihong Lao, Sanlin Robinson, Bryan Peele, Huichan Zhao, Benjamin Murray, James Min, Bobak Mosadegh, Simon Dunham, Robert Shepherd*, 
Selective mineralization of tough hydrogel lumens for simulating arterial plaque
Advanced Engineering Materials 19.1 (2017): 1600591.

[3] Cindy Harnett, Huichan Zhao, Robert Shepherd*, 
Stretchable optical fibers: Threads for strain‐sensitive textiles
Advanced Materials Technologies 2.9 (2017): 1700087.
​[1] Huichan Zhao, Kevin O’Brien, Shuo Li, Robert Shepherd*, Optoelectronically innervated soft prosthetic hand via stretchable optical waveguidesScience Robotics 1.1 (2016): eaai7529. [PPT] [video] 
       ※ Premiere Issue of 《Science Robotics》

[2] Huichan Zhao, Jonathan Jalving, Rukang Huang, Ross Knepper, Andy Ruina, Robert Shepherd*, Soft orthosis with integrated optical strain sensors and electromyographic controlIEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine 23.3 (2016): 55-64. [video]

[3] Shuo Li, Bryan Peele, Chris Larson, Huichan Zhao, Robert Shepherd*, A stretchable multicolor display and touch interface using photo-patterning and transfer printingAdvanced Materials 28.44 (2016): 9770-9775.

[4] Huichan Zhao, Rukang Huang, Robert Shepherd*, 
Curvature control of soft orthotics via low cost solid-state optics.
International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), Stockholm, Sweden, May 16-21, 2016: 4008-4013. [video]
​[1] Huichan Zhao, Yan Li, Ahmed Elsamadisi, Robert Shepherd*, Scalable manufacturing of soft actuators that apply high forcesExtreme Mechanics Letters 3 (2015): 89-104. [video] 

[2] Sanlin Robinson, Kevin O’Brien, Huichan Zhao, Bryan Peele, Chris Larson, Benjamin Murray, Ilse M Van Meerbeek, Simon Dunham, Robert Shepherd*, Integrated soft sensors and elastomeric actuators for tactile machines with kinesthetic sense
Extreme Mechanics Letters 5 (2015): 47-53.

Benjamin Murray, Xintong An, Sanlin Robinson, Ilse M van Meerbeek, Kevin O'Brien, Huichan Zhao, Robert Shepherd*, Poroelastic foams for simple fabrication of complex soft robotsAdvanced Materials, 27.41 (2015): 6334-6340.

[4] Bryan Peele, Thomas Wallin, Huichan Zhao, Robert Shepherd*, 
3D printing antagonistic systems of artificial muscle using projection stereolithography
Bioinspiration & Biomimetics, 10 (2015): 055003.

​[1] Zheng Cai, Huichan Zhao, Jing-shan Zhao*, Fulei Chu, Stiffness of a foldable tower for wind turbineThe Open Mechanical Engineering Journal, 6 (2012): 50-64.
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