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Group Members & Alumni

The 4th China Robotics Annual Conference on July 2023
(From left to right: Zhong Wang, Boyuan Du, Xuguang Dong,
Prof. Huichan Zhao, Yiyi Pan, Ran Cheng
Group members attended ICRA 2023 in London, UK
(From left to right: Boyuan Du, Yixin Wang, Yafeng Cui, Yiyi Pan,
Yu Herng Tan, Xin An, Songwen Jiang, Qi Shao, Xuguang Dong

Tips: Huichan is missing due to busy affairs, and Zhonghan is missing due to the delayed flight.☺
Farewell party to our amazing postdoctoral fellow Dr. Chao Tang
(From left to right: Yixin Wang, Boyuan Du, Zhong Wang, 
Jingyi Zhou, Songwen Jiang, Yiyi Pan, Chao Tang, Huichan Zhao, Zhonghan Lin, Yu Herng Tan, Xin An, Qi Shao, Yafeng Cui,
Xuguang Dong, Hao Sun)
Excellent Mentor Award Ceremony on April 2021
(From left to right: Yixin Wang, Dr. Hao Sun, Songwen Jiang, Jingyi Zhou, Xuguang Dong, Prof. Huichan Zhao, Xin An,  Yiyi Pan,
Zhonghan Lin, Yafeng Cui, Boyuan Du, Dr. Chao Tang)
Chinese Soft Robotic Seminar on November 2020
(From left to right: Yixin Wang, Qi Shao, Yiyi Pan,
Prof. Huichan Zhao, Dr. Chao Tang, Yafeng Cui, Xin An, Xuguang Dong)
Prof. Robert Shepherd visited the lab on April 2019
(From left to right: Prof. Jing Xu, Songwen Jiang,
Prof. Robert Shepherd, Prof. Huichan Zhao, Rouven Glauert,
Xuguang Dong, Jingyi Zhou, Zhonghan Lin)
Principal Investigator:

       Associate Professor (tenure-track)

       Department of Mechanical Engineering

       Tsinghua University


Postdoctoral Researchers:

       PhD:  National University of Singapore, Singapore

  • Dr. Liang Zhou (周  亮)

       PhD:  Jilin University, China


Graduate Students:

  • Songwen Jiang (姜淞文, PhD student 2018), Co-supervised with Prof. Xin-Jun Liu

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2018

  • Jingyi Zhou (周婧祎, PhD student 2018)

       BSc: Beihang University, 2018

  • Yiyi Pan (潘依依, PhD student 2018)

       BSc: North China Electric Power University, 2018

  • Yafeng Cui (崔亚峰, PhD student 2018)

       BSc: University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, 2018

       MSc: Tsinghua University, 2019

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2016

       BSc: Shandong University, 2019

  • Zhonghan Lin (林中汉, PhD student 2019)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2019

  • Qi Shao (邵  琦, PhD student 2019)

       BSc: Northeast Agricultural University, 2018

  • Xin An (安  鑫, PhD student 2020)

       BSc: Harbin Institute of Technology, 2020

  • Trivoramai Jiralerspong​​ (PhD student 2020)

       MSc: Seoul National University, 2019

       BSc: The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2017

  • Boyuan Du (杜伯源, PhD student 2021)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2021

  • Hanning Shen (申函宁, PhD student 2022)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2022

  • Zhong Wang (王  众, PhD student 2023)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2023

  • Yinglei Zhu (朱颖雷, PhD student 2024)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2024

  • Ran Cheng (程  然, PhD student 2024)

       BSc: Tsinghua University, 2024


  • Rouven Glauert (吴鲁文), Co-supervised with Prof. Xin-Jun Liu
    MSc (18-19), Tsinghua University -Technology University of Berlin

       Current Position: Junior Data Scientist at idalab

  • Johannes Pohl(约  翰)

       MSc (19-20), Tsinghua University - RWTH Aachen University

       Current Position: Porsche AG​

       Postdoctoral Researcher (21-22), Tsinghua University​

       Current Position:  Senior R&D Engineer at Beijing Advanced Medical Technologies

       Postdoctoral Researcher (20-23), Tsinghua University​

       Current Position: Associate Professor at Ocean University of China

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