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Latest News

Yixin Wang received the Golden Award of Tsinghua Graduate Qihang Scholarship (清华大学毕业生启航奖金奖), Congratulations!


Prof. Zhao has been invited to join the Senior editorial board of the IEEE Transactions on Robotics (TRO) and will serve as an Editor for the next five years.

Prof. Zhao is promoted to Tenured Associate Professor. Congratulations on your Tenure!

Congratulations to Yixin Wang for his successful defense of his Ph.D. thesis! 

Congratulations to Jingyi Zhou for her successful defense of her Ph.D. thesis! 

One paper is accepted for publication in Advanced Materials TechnologiesCongratulations to Zhonghan Lin and the coauthors!


One paper is accepted for publication in IEEE Robotics & Automation LettersCongratulations to Yixin Wang and the coauthors!


One paper is accepted for publication in the International Journal of Robotics Research (IJRR)Congratulations to Yafeng Cui and the coauthors!

Songwen's paper is selected to be featured on the back cover of Advanced Functional MaterialsCongratulations to Songwen Jiang and the coauthors!


Congratulations to Yafeng Cui for his successful defense of his Ph.D. thesis! 


Congratulations to Songwen Jiang for his successful defense of his Ph.D. thesis! 

Selected Publications

Design and Implementation of an Underactuated Gripper with Enhanced Shape Adaptability and Lateral Stiffness through Semi-Active Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Endoskeletons, International Journal of Robotics Research, 2024

Soft Pocket Pump for Multi-Medium Transportation via an Active Tubular Diaphragm, Advanced Functional Materials, 2023

Active-Cooling-in-the-Loop Controller Design and Implementation for an SMA-Driven Soft Robotic Tentacle, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2023

Stretchable and Conformable Stiffness-Variable Device through Electrorheological Fluids, Soft Matter, 2022

An Anthropomorphic Musculoskeletal System with Soft Joint and Multifilament Pneumatic Artificial Muscles, Advanced Intelligent Systems, 2022

Conformable and Compact Multiaxis Tactile Sensor for Human and Robotic Grasping via Anisotropic Waveguides, Advanced Materials Technologies, 2022

A Pipeline Inspection Robot for Navigating Tubular Environments in the Sub-centimeter Scale, Science Robotics, 2022

Soft, Tough, and Fast Polyacrylate Dielectric Elastomer for Non-magnetic Motor, Nature Communications, 2021

Enhancing the Universality of a Pneumatic Gripper via Continuously Adjustable Initial Grasp Postures, IEEE Transactions on Robotics, 2021

Controlled Flight of a Microrobot Powered by Soft Artificial Muscles, Nature, 2019

Compact Dielectric Elastomer Linear Actuator, Advanced Functional Materials, 2018

Optoelectronically Innervated Soft Prosthetic Hand via Stretchable Optical Waveguides, Science Robotics, 2016

Upcoming Events


Workshop Co-chair at

Robio 2024

Bangkok, Thailand

December 10-14


Workshop Co-chair for

RoboSoft 2025

Lausanne, Switzerland

April 23-26


Symposium Co-chair for

IROS 2025

Hangzhou, China

October 19-25

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