Latest News

Jingyi's paper is selected to be featured on the inside back cover of the latest issue of Advanced Materials Technologies!
One paper is accepted for publication in Soft Matter. Congratulations to Yiyi Pan and the coauthors!


Prof. Huichan Zhao will serve as a Associate Editor for the 6th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Soft Robotics (RoboSoft 2023).

One paper is accepted for publication in Extreme Mechanics Letters. Congratulations to Yixin Wang and the coauthors!

Zhonghan's paper is selected to be featured on the inside cover of the latest issue of Advanced Intelligent Systems!

Congratulations to Songwen, Jingyi, Yiyi, Yafeng, Boyuan, and Yixin for winning scholarships from the university and the department!

Congratulations to Yafeng and Yixin for winning the NSK Best Paper Award in the department!


One paper is accepted for publication in IEEE Robotics and Automation LettersCongratulations to Qi Shao and the coauthors!

One paper is accepted for publication in Advanced Intelligent SystemsCongratulations to Zhonghan Lin and the coauthors

Prof. Huichan Zhao will serve as a Keynote Speaker at the 2022 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2022).


Selected Publications

An Anthropomorphic Musculoskeletal System with Soft Joint and Multifilament Pneumatic Artificial Muscles, Advanced Intelligent Systems

Conformable and Compact Multiaxis Tactile Sensor for Human and Robotic Grasping via Anisotropic Waveguides, Advanced Materials Technologies

A Pipeline Inspection Robot for Navigating Tubular Environments in the Sub-centimeter Scale, Science Robotics

Long-Life-Cycle and Damage-Recovery Artificial Muscles via Controllable and Observable Self-Clearing Process, Advanced Engineering Materials

Soft, Tough, and Fast Polyacrylate Dielectric Elastomer for Non-magnetic Motor, Nature Communications

Increasing the Payload and Terrain Adaptivity of an Untethered Crawling Robot via Soft-Rigid Coupled Linear Actuators, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters

Enhancing the Universality of a Pneumatic Gripper via Continuously Adjustable Initial Grasp Postures, IEEE Transactions on Robotics

A Wearable Soft Haptic Communicator Based on Dielectric Elastomer Actuators, Soft Robotics

Controlled Flight of a Microrobot Powered by Soft Artificial Muscles, Nature

Compact Dielectric Elastomer Linear Actuator, Advanced Functional Materials

Optoelectronically Innervated Soft Prosthetic Hand via Stretchable Optical Waveguides, Science Robotics


Upcoming Events


Invited Speaker at

ICRA Workshop 2022

Philadelphia (PA), USA

May 23-27

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Invited Keynote Speaker at

IROS 2022

Kyoto, Japan

October 23-27


Associate Editor for

RoboSoft 2023


April 3-7